You can purchase tickets for use up to 6 months after purchase at any Darkness Resurrected Dance Night.

This does not cover Darkness Resurrected Live Shows or any other show that is not labeled "Darkness Resurrected Dance Night" 

To reward you for your early ticket purchase when buying two at once, instead of paying the normal $6/ea, you receive the tickets for $5/ea, for a total of $10, shipping included FREE.

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2014 VIP Pass for ALL Darkness Resurrected shows, including live bands!
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You can also buy stickers individually! For US Buyers, click here. $1/ea, free shipping

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Darkness Resurrected is the current dark dance night for Fayetteville, AR. Goth, Industrial, EBM, Darkwave. Join at the Stolen Glass at 40 E. Center St, Fayetteville, AR. Check fb.com/darknessresurrected.com for dates.